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As a result of cooperation with Publicity Creating a client receives specific reputation and / or marketing results.

How does it work?

By informing and persuading the target audiences, we gradually shape (or change) their opinion, attitude towards a company, product or brand. This, in turn, alters audience behavior in the direction desired by a client.

For instance, resultant the constant work with customers or partners, the sales and market shares significantly increase.

By strengthening loyalty of the marketing supply chain partners, providing reasons in favor of the price, informing about the advantages of the products etc, we also foster the increase in sales.

By holding trainings and corporate events for the company’s employees, we bolster up team spirit, unity and loyalty to the company, certainly, this also affects the performance of a client.

The outcomes of the work with government agencies and NGOs are establishing contacts and lobbying.

 Concerning the mass media, the main result of the work with this audience will be the coverage of company’s events, conveyance of the key messages to the target audience, increase of the publications which bear references to a company, keen interest on the part of the mass media and the pool of loyal journalists.

 As for social networks, the results are, for example, the involvement of a large audience of fans and followers, adjustment and implementation of the feedback loops with consumers, brand loyalty  etc.

At the beginning of cooperation we can discuss criteria, which are vitally important for you,

in order to evaluate the efficiency of the performance.






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