20 November 2013
PR manager

- Develop/produce texts: articles, news items, press-releases etc

- Organize and hold PR-events: (conferences, workshops, presentations etc), press-events (press-conferences, round tables, press-tours, press lunches etc);

- Draft PR-content for the Internet and social networks, work in social networks – manage the corporate blogs, pages, conduct quizzes, contests, polls, communication with users  etc;

- Draft questions for the video-interviews, internet-conferences, round tables etc;

- Participate in developing strategies and PR-programs;

- Plan content, PR-activities for a certain period (according to a strategy);

- Prepare presentations and reports for the clients;

- Place video-stories in the Internet


- At least 2 year experience in a PR-agency (work experience in network/international agencies,  PR-departments of  advertising communication groups and holdings  will be an advantage); experience with big/well-known brands will be an additional advantage;

- Solid writing skills (writing, editing, translation), ability to work with the information in general (structuring, extraction of the most essential things, search for the additional information etc);

- Ability to create quality and diverse content in social networks, write in different styles; an applicant should be an active user of social networks, possess strong communication skills in new media;

- Knowledge of the media market (ties with journalists, bloggers, independent experts and other leaders of public opinion is preferable);

- Interpersonal skills, ability to socialize, hold negotiations;

- Result-oriented performance, ability to set and achieve goals;

- Presentation skills;

- Ability to work as a part of team as well  lead a project independently;

- High level of stress resistance, readiness to take on heavy workloads, ability to “switch” quickly, fulfill several tasks at the same time, lead  several clients/projects concurrently;

- Competence in Russian and Ukrainian is a must;

- Command of the English language – upper intermidiate level;

-Higher education (philology, degree with the specialization in PR is welcomed);

-Experienced Internet user (web-engines, blogs, forums, social networks);

- Good computer skills (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint); knowledge of the basic graphical packages is preferable);

Personal qualities:
- responsibility, system-oriented approach, activity, flexibility, creativeness.

Dear Candidates! Please read carefully the requirements – the CVs that don’t comply with the requirements won’t be processed. There will be questions during the interview that will enable to verify professional competence of a candidate and the veracity of the information provided in his/her CV regarding the existing experience, level and skills.



Upon the results of the interview.


Company offers:

- decent salary;

- work in the well-known and professional company;

- official employment;

- friendly staff;

- professional growth and development. 

We don’t promise that it will easy but, indeed, it will be of a great interest!

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