Client-orientation and establishing long-term partnership with the clients are the chief priorities of Publicity Creating working process.

To everyone who wants to get high-quality PR service, strives to achieve the best results and is seeking for reliable partner: 

  • Ukrainian and foreign producers;
  • Companies in the B2B and B2C sectors;
  • International, national and regional brands.

 Your partner is Publicity Creating, the company that has extensive work experience, industry practices, high service standards and numerous positive clients’ recommendations.

The construction market is the area, where we possess an extensive work experience, besides in its different segments.



Medicine-pharmaceutics market is one of the areas, where Publicity Creating also has successful practices in the PR-moving of the over-the counter and prescribed drugs as well personal care items and services.


Publicity Creating has a successful work experience on the agrarian market, one of the most promising and investment-attractive markets in Ukraine.



In the center of attention is ethics
Publicity Creating continues the development of strategic documents
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