Personal PR

There are business areas where a person plays a major role. It is not just creative professions (for instance, stylist, designer, architect), but also areas where trust to a particular specialist (for example, doctor, lawyer, consultant, business-coacher etc) is especially significant.

This situation is mainly typical for service sector because service is a part and parcel of a person, who renders it.  

On the other hand, a company leader of an industrial enterprise is also a personality, whose reputation influence on the success of a whole company. In show-business it’s even more important to be famous. Politicians, government or public officials can’t work effectively without having a positive reputation.  

Personal PR has become extremely important now that the Internet lifts all restrictions on acquaintance and communication.

Our “Personal PR-Studio” provides the following services:

  • Positioning, image shaping
  • Media-trainings, (skills in communication with mass media, public appearance and debates)
  • PR-moving in the Internet and social networks (creating and maintaining personal pages, blogs)
  • Building a reputation of a market expert
  • Building a leadership image of a successful businessman, manager, public figure, philanthropist etc 
  • PR-moving of regional leaders
  • Preparing speeches
  • Holding photo-shoots and video-sessions  
  • Increasing citation indices in mass media
  • "Scandalous PR" (if necessary)

The services are designated for owners, leaders and top managers of companies as well as heads of public organizations and individuals.

In the center of attention is ethics
Publicity Creating continues the development of strategic documents
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