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Personal PR

There are business areas where a person plays a major role. It is not just creative professions (for instance, stylist, designer, architect), but also areas where trust to a particular specialist (for example, doctor, lawyer, consultant, business-coacher etc) is especially significant.

This situation is mainly typical for service sector because service is a part and parcel of a person, who renders it.  

On the other hand, a company leader of an industrial enterprise is also a personality, whose reputation influence on the success of a whole company. In show-business it’s even more important to be famous. Politicians, government or public officials can’t work effectively without having a positive reputation.  

Personal PR has become extremely important now that the Internet lifts all restrictions on acquaintance and communication.

Our “Personal PR-Studio” provides the following services:

  • Positioning, image shaping
  • Media-trainings, (skills in communication with mass media, public appearance and debates)
  • PR-moving in the Internet and social networks (creating and maintaining personal pages, blogs)
  • Building a reputation of a market expert
  • Building a leadership image of a successful businessman, manager, public figure, philanthropist etc 
  • PR-moving of regional leaders
  • Preparing speeches
  • Holding photo-shoots and video-sessions  
  • Increasing citation indices in mass media
  • "Scandalous PR" (if necessary)

The services are designated for owners, leaders and top managers of companies as well as heads of public organizations and individuals.

Each client gets a customized solution.
The survey was attended by representatives of more than 150 companies.
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