PR consulting

Everybody has got used to consulting services provided by lawyers or auditors, however consulting services in PR industry have recently become increasingly popular, too.

Consulting from  Publicity Creating is an integral part of a subscriber service rendered for our clients.

 For other companies and individuals we provide consulting on an hourly fee basis.

 The main reasons to apply for Publicity Creating “PR-office” are:

 - need in an independent assessment of situation

- need in a professional advice

- lack of time and own employees’ level of competence required to develop necessary programs and take necessary steps

- complexity or high importance of an issue

- crisis situation

We provide expert and process-based (attend to a certain process during a certain period) consulting for the 1st persons, top managers of the companies, enterprises and organizations.  

Consulting covers a wide range of strategic and tactical issues in the field of communications, reputation and image, information policy, relations with key public audiences.

Rendering professional services in the PR-Consulting field, our experts cover inter-related areas – first of all, marketing and strategic management, which are closely related to PR-moving and marketing communications.

A special place belongs to anti-crisis consulting (consulting services rendered in crisis situations, in the case of emergence/existence of negative information in the media, Internet and social networks).

Anti-crisis consultingisdifferentiated by promptness and accuracy of the situation assessment, concrete recommendations and faster professional response (on behalf of a customer) - for example, organization of press conferences, preparing statements for the media, neutralization of negative information in the Internet and other methods depending on the nature of the situation, timing and budget.

An essential prerequisite of professional consulting is keeping complete confidentiality.

PR office – is a place where you will always find understanding, receive accurate "diagnosis" and the most optimal "recipe" for settling your issues.

In the center of attention is ethics
Publicity Creating continues the development of strategic documents
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