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Publicity Creating experts conduct exclusive author’s workshops-trainings and master-classes on the most topical and burning subjects in the PR and communication domains.

The remarkable feature of these workshops-trainings is their practical orientation. The audience will not only obtain systematic knowledge but as well the practical skills. All workshops are illustrated by examples from practice and backed by long-term experience of Publicity Crating.

The main topics of the trainings conducted for our corporate clients for the current semester are:

  • Development of the long-term communication and PR-programs, workshop-training.
  • PR in the Internet: new forms and ample opportunities”, workshop-training.
  • Digital PR, PR-moving in social networks”, practical training session.
  • Social networks for B2B companies: what to start from and what can be really accomplished”, practical training session.
  • “Video as an effective tool of PR-moving. Information and professional component of a video”, workshop-training.
  • “Estimation of PR-efficiencymethods and schemes”, practical training session.
  • “Relations with the mass media”, practical training session.
  • “Reinforcement of information occasions”, master-class.
  • “Content analysis of the mass media: what statistics hushes up”, practical training session.
  •  “Social networks: presence, PR-moving, communication. Practical tips for companies”, workshop.
  • Use of social networks Internet-video and PR-component in general within the selling process”, workshop-training.
  • "Media training for heads and top managers of the companies: how to communicate easily and efficiently with the mass media”, practical training session.

You can receive the programs of workshops-trainings and other additional information by filling in the feedback form in the section Contacts.  

The typical programs are customized according to the requirements of each client.  

Each client gets a customized solution.
The survey was attended by representatives of more than 150 companies.
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