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19 September 2019

Internet Conference Held at the Press Center of Ukrainian News Agency

In september 12, 2019, at the press center of the «Ukrainian News» an Internet conference was held on the topic “The Ukrainian PR market at the present stage”, during which experts in the field of PR answered current questions in this area.

The event was attended by:

Valery Kureiko, Director of Publicity Creating, a specialist with experience in the Ukrainian PR market for more than 25 years.

Ruslana Plis, Account Director of Publicity Creating, PR Consultant with over 20 years of experience.

During the Internet conference, experts named the main trends of the Ukrainian PR market that are relevant in the current business season - among them there is a growing interest in developing comprehensive communication programs, PR programs for the B2B sector and PR for Start Up projects. Also relevant is conducting a public relations campaign in the media.

Assessing the situation with outsourcing in the PR market, Ruslana Plis, in particular, noted that today most companies use a combined scheme: part of the work is carried out independently, and part will be assigned to external structures (PR agencies). So, according to a survey of construction and agricultural market operators conducted by Publicity Creating, such a scheme is used by more than 60% of respondents in both markets (122 and 152 companies, respectively).

Exclusively on their own, public relations activities are carried out by 21% and 29%, while PR is assigned exclusively to external structures by 15% and 10% of respondents in the agricultural and construction markets, respectively. This situation is a problem for agencies that offer one-time products and services, but it practically does not affect the position of the agency that is engaged in complex promotion. At the same time, the expert drew attention to the shortage of personnel in the Ukrainian PR market.

Answering a question about the relationship between strategy and tactics in PR activities of Ukrainian companies, Valery Kureyko noted that Publicity Creating clients choose a strategy, and as for the market as a whole, it is already ineffective to implement projects for a period of 3 months. Without a vision of what will happen before the end of the year or in 3 years, it’s difficult to talk about achieving any significant goals — and in the field of PR, and even more so, in the field of marketing. Now companies are increasingly planning for a period of 2 to 5 years and are returning to strategic planning.

Speaking about PR tools that are used most often, experts called text materials (news and articles) and PR events. In other words, the list of tools does not change much, although activities on social networks and videos have been added to it. But the classic PR tools have always been, are and will be in service with PR specialists, and continue to produce results. It is no coincidence that the participants in the poll consider participation in exhibitions, organization of PR events and placement of PR materials in the media as the most effective PR tools.

At the same time, Valery Kureiko focused the attention of the audience that the issue was not so much in the set of tools as in their ratio, as well as in the intensity of the impact: over the course of the year, these should be dozens of articles and events. And of course, meanings play a huge role - the key messages that the company broadcasts during the promotion program. According to the expert even very “loud”, but one action is always worse than a series of activities, even more “calm” ones.

Discussing the situation in the Ukrainian media market, Ruslana Plis noted that despite the closure of many print media, the media remains one of the most effective tools used in PR campaigns. Today, leaders in the online media segment have already been identified, and subject to proper selection and media planning, they are quite effective. In addition, information published in online media remains available for a long time and is well manifested in search queries on Google.

Answering the question of whether PR affects the marketing result, experts answered positively. Moreover, Valery Kureiko expressed the opinion that only such a PR, which actively contributes to the achievement of the client’s marketing goals, is effective in the commercial environment.

Ruslana Plis noted that PR affects the marketing result through the formation of the desired opinion of the target audience. A change of opinion usually leads to a change in behavior in relation to the promoted object. In other words, if you haven’t bought before, you start to buy, you don’t contact and don’t cooperate, you begin to contact and cooperate, etc. In general, the role of a persistent positive reputation for business success cannot be overestimated. In this sense, the PR agency should be an architect who builds a reliable building, and not a decorator who simply decorates the premises.

Answering a question about the importance of PR for the B2B market, experts noted that due to the limited target audience on the one hand, the specificity and complexity of products and services in such markets, on the other hand, PR is often the only effective way to promote the B2B sector, and agency experience, shows excellent results. But such programs must be very well constructed and usually calculated for the long term.

Experts also talked about what the main articles of the PR budget consist of - these are agency services, media support and overhead (for example, for events).

Ruslana Plis also announced the launch of the new strategic products Publicity Creating: PR-elevator, Reputation ladder and Information pie - three types of PR-strategies that allow the client to achieve their goals for 1, 3 and 5 years, respectively. These products are developed on the basis of extensive practical experience (over 20 years) and have already been adapted in practice.

At the end of the event, experts gave advice to companies that want to find a PR partner - what to look for, what to expect from the agency and how to prepare for communication with him.

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