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22 May 2022

The next stage in the development of TM "Znatny Med" is the creation of a honey hub #znatnymedhub for the sale of honey and beekeeping products to an increasing number of consumers with a wide variety of preferences, tastes, in different packages. Each purchase becomes 100% individual, taking into account the preferences of each client.

The achieved results make it possible to move to a new stage of development - at this time, the repositioning from the usual apiary to the "Znatny Med" Bee Farm has been completed. As part of the estate, which is located 40 km from Kyiv, the construction of a tasting hall and api-houses is being completed, which allows us to provide consumers with a more complete range of services. Also, in addition to the traditional beehive apiary, there is a log apiary on the territory of the "Znatny Med" estate.

As a result of the successful marketing policy 2018-2021 and, in particular, the implementation of the PR promotion program "There is no such thing as too much honey", TM Znatny Med, with the PR support of Publicity Creating, achieved impressive results in creating loyalty among regular customers and attracting new customers from all corners of the country.

For the period 2019-2021 the volume of sales of honey and beekeeping products grows twice every year. The total number of Internet stores, the main product group of which is "Znatny Med" products, has increased by 5 times.

In addition to working in marketing channels, tastings are held with the involvement of consumers (at the apiary, as well as on-site visits to the client's territory), seminars and trainings. The corporate website (Internet store) and pages in social networks received further development. Press events are held regularly, company representatives have become recognized experts in their industry, whose comments are regularly published by a wide pool of mass media.

Thanks to the high quality of products, a wide assortment and efficient work of employees, the number of regular customers is constantly growing. Also, the number of partners - beekeepers and corporate clients - has increased, requests are increasingly coming from near and far abroad. "Implementation of this project required a lot of investment, but we are confidently entering a new stage of development together with our reliable PR partner Publicity Creating," noted Igor Ignatenko, commercial representative of Znatny Med TM.

"We are very happy to contribute to the successful development of TM Znatny Med, and we will work with even greater inspiration to achieve the following goals of the customer," said Anna Melnyk, Publicity Creating project manager.

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