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11 January 2023

Publicity Creating continues the development of strategic documents

Even in the face of war, Publicity Creating continues to develop strategic products for new and existing clients.The most relevant in the field of PR are communication strategies and information models.It is worth noting that relevance of internal PR, as well as communications in the field of CSR (corporate social responsibility), has increased.But in the field of marketing, repositioning programs and consultations on complex rebranding are in the first place, which is connected with significant changes that have taken place in the market — from demand and wishes of consumers to the competitive environment.Companies and enterprises are faced with economic instability, shrinking customer base, reduced solvency and reorientation of demand, so all these and other challenges need to be responded to promptly. 

The following options have been added to the development of strategic documents as relevant options: sessions for managers and top managers, trainings for call centers and sales services, seminars for logistics and service services, etc.After all, today it is very important that all employees understand essence of brand in the same way, and correctly communicate corporate values to their customers.

Over past 6 months, strategic documents have been developed for Publicity Creating clients from such industries as food products, agricultural sector, electrical engineering, logistics, online store chains, creative game industry, etc.

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