Publicity Creating has number of successful industry practices in the key business areas:

 Building/Construction market

 Medicine/ Pharmaceutics

 Retail / Mail order/E-commerce


 FMCG / Food products

 Finance / Insurance

 IT / Telecom

This implies that our company has extensive and diverse practical experience in working with companies on these markets, deeply understands particular characteristics of the industry and has positive recommendations from the clients that evidence success and efficiency of the realized projects as well as high quality of service.

It is worth mentioning that Publicity Creating also possesses an extensive and unique work experience in operating in the B2B sector. 

 PR-moving of the companies working in the В2В segment – is the expertise of our Agency.  

The client-list and the cases of the realized projects in these or other industries can be found in the section Clients and Cases.

In the center of attention is ethics
Publicity Creating continues the development of strategic documents
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