Digital PR

Our company works actively in the field of Digital PR (PR in social networks)

We ensure that the information about your company, brand, production or services is widely spread in social networks, your brand awareness is increased and positive reputation is built by means of:

  • Creating and managing fan-pages/groups in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte,  LinkedIN, Google+ etc) - corporate, promotional, thematic
  • Content planning
  • Creating quality and diverse content (text, photo, video) that is interesting and useful for the audience and conveys key messages
  • Arranging activities for users to increase quantity and quality indices, motivation and to maintain audience’s interest (contests, quizzes, polls…)
  • Increasing the number of followers of the page, audience expansion (PR-moving of the brand ambassadors in social networks)  
  • Increasing “share and talking about” indexes  - audience engagement into dissemination of the information through pages (reposts) and discussions (comments)
  • Setting up feedback mechanisms with the audience, communication, answering questions, responding to a picture, moderation etc – 12/7 or 24/7 service.
  • Monitoring brand references in social networks, promptly neutralization of the possible negative information.  
  • Creating "brand lawyers and ambassadors" in social networks, working with opinion leaders, including bloggers.


As a result, clients get lively and appealing pages in social networks that are regularly updated and have a large, loyal audience. This is a new effective channel for disseminating information, maintaining and reinforcing brand reputation, integrating offline and online communications, involving Internet users into marketing campaigns etc.

Our services in the blogosphere:

  • Creating and maintaining blogs (corporate,  private, thematic) on the different blogging platforms  (LiveJournal, i.ua, blogspot and others), as well as on the most popular web portals (Korrespondent, Liga etc)
  • Content planning
  • Writing texts (notes in blogs)
  • Leaving comments
  • Distributing information in social networks
  • Engaging audience - readers/friends

The blogs led by Publicity Creating – is an alternative channel for distributing information, discussing important topics, 1st Person PR, forming public opinion in general.  

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