About Company / Our team

Publicity Creating staff members have sufficient experience in the marketing and PR fields. That enables us to effectively solve the tasks no matter how challenging they are.

The company personnel have higher education; possess an excellent command of Ukrainian, Russian and English.

These are energetic, responsible, sociable employees who understand public relations and know how to protect the client’s interests.

The company has established corporate standards, clear-cut schemes and algorithms, transparent and efficient reporting system.

According to a project’s content, a creative-service group that is constituted by 2-5 experts is formed in order to provide services to each client:


  • Account manager /Junior Account manager
  • PR-manager / Manager of Media Relations
  • Digital manager
  • Event-manager / Event-coordinator
  • Consultant

Depending on the workloads and budget, a group provides services to one or more clients.

To the work on projects also join:

• Monitoring and analytics service group

• Virtual team (work in the Internet)

• Assistant

The leaders of Publicity Creating are personally in charge of and / or consult all important clients.

If necessary, the trainings are conducted for the client’s employees and partners.

You can get acquainted with our team closer by joining our corporate blog or a page on Facebook.

Here our employees actively socialize, share experiences, discuss various burning topics. Don’t hesitate to join, we are glad to meet you!


In the center of attention is ethics
Publicity Creating continues the development of strategic documents
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