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Publicity Creating was founded on January, 1998. Since that time the company has developed from a small-sized firm to a leading player on the Ukrainian PR market.  

Initially, the company provided a range of services in the field of advertising, PR and other marketing communications. The first clients were companies from the information technology market, for the head of Publicity Creating Valeriy Kureikowas well-known due to his successful performance in the leading IT-companies. Later the company expanded its range of markets covering the key areas of business in order to gain experience. A year later Ruslana Plis joined the company; previously she worked as a freelance journalist and copywriter and afterwards became a PR manager, creative director and in the short run - a managing partner.

It was 2000 that became the deceive year for the company, when the field of public relations became a priority. At that time PR was increasingly segregating from the advertising market. The company started positioning itself in the PR domain, providing a range of services mainly in this area. In the frameworks of complex programs for the clients the company resorted to such tools as articles, PR-campaigns in the mass media, participation in the exhibitions, various PR events - from corporate occasions to conferences. The list of company’s clients increased and the quality of services improved, the staff increased as well. Own developments, technologies and procedures emerged within the company. The leaders began to actively participate in various public events.

The next stage of Publicity Creating development commenced in 2006, when the company repositioned itself and moved in the direction of strategic communications. It was a logical step that reflected the purposeful work and active support in achieving marketing results - PR from Publicity Creating as a rule performed strategic function for a client’s business development. The company offered its customers new services and methods, such as PR-audit. It was introduced a number of corporate standards, improved organizational structure, prescribed business processes.

During the active growth of the PR-market which was observed in 2007-2008, the company was listed as a leading operator on the Ukrainian market. This was possible due to the large experience and the ongoing improvement of service quality as well expansion of ties with partners in Ukraine and abroad.

Currently Publicity Creating is in the Top-3 of the most famous and the Top-5 of the most professional PR-agencies of Ukraine (according to the "Golden Grain" rating in 2007, 2008)

The company is also the information leader in the industry (the winner of the PR agencies media ratings in 2007, 2009, 2010) and the leader of the social network activity rating (the first place among the PR-agencies according to the Social Media Activity Index in 2011, 2012).

Publicity Creating is actively engaged in public activities, an initiator and participant in plenty of projects that are of a great significance for the domain.  

According to the expert estimates in 2008 the company's share in the premium segment of PR-market amounted to 7%, while in the B2B sector it was about 4.8%. The main customer groups were the Ukrainian producers and the companies operating in the B2B sector.
With the onset of financial and economic crisis in spring, 2008, all clients were promptly offered anti-crisis programs and provided with the consultant services that thereby enabled to effectively hold public relations activities within the new business conditions.  The customers were offered new forms and methods of PR-moving, first of all, Internet PR.

The share of consulting, research and monitoring areas was substantially increased.

During 2009-2010 the company didn’t trim down its staff; the service quality remained at the high level. Publicity Creating had not only helped clients survive the crisis, but also prepared them for the growth and development within the post-crisis period.

In 2010-2012 a number of new clients and implemented projects increased, the staff was increased respectively. In particular, this was a result of the implementation of marketing programs for the clients “Specific result, fair price” (2010) and “We solve the client’s tasks” (2011), “All roads lead to Publicity” (2012)

Nowadays Publicity Creating confidently faces the future. Among the plans for 2014 there are the increase in the number of clients, active work in the direction of Digital PR, integration of offline and online communications, development of industry practices, entry into the new market segments; as well further improvement of service quality, development of company structure, implementation of incentive programs for the personnel. In 2014 the company plans to capture no less than 4,3% of the commercial PR market in Ukraine. It has been already adopted a new marketing program for 2014 named "Right on target."

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