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4 August 2022

New PR program for Bee Estate for 3 years

Bee Estate is a unique facility that combines an apiary, a tasting room, and api-houses. Here you can learn a lot of interesting things about the traditions of Ukrainian beekeeping, touch the wonderful world of bees, taste honey of different types, in general - gain strength and rest from the bustling city. Such a concept was proposed several years ago by Publicity Creating specialists for Znatny Med TM, which was expanding its activities. During this time, the foundation of the Bee Farm was created, but objective factors restrain the further development of the object - first the epidemic of Covid 19, and now - the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. But even in such conditions, it is necessary to define strategic priorities and move forward. Therefore, Publicity Creating is already developing a PR program for the promotion of the "Znatny Med" Bee Estate for a period of 3 years. In particular, the program envisages repositioning and creating conditions for attracting investments during the post-war recovery of Ukraine's economy and agricultural sector.

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