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20 November 2013
PR manager

- Develop/produce texts: articles, news items, press-releases etc

- Organize and hold PR-events: (conferences, workshops, presentations etc), press-events (press-conferences, round tables, press-tours, press lunches etc);

- Draft PR-content for the Internet and social networks, work in social networks – manage the corporate blogs, pages, conduct quizzes, contests, polls, communication with users  etc;

- Draft questions for the video-interviews, internet-conferences, round tables etc;

- Participate in developing strategies and PR-programs;

- Plan content, PR-activities for a certain period (according to a strategy);

- Prepare presentations and reports for the clients;

- Place video-stories in the Internet


- At least 2 year experience in a PR-agency (work experience in network/international agencies,  PR-departments of  advertising communication groups and holdings  will be an advantage); experience with big/well-known brands will be an additional advantage;

- Solid writing skills (writing, editing, translation), ability to work with the information in general (structuring, extraction of the most essential things, search for the additional information etc);

- Ability to create quality and diverse content in social networks, write in different styles; an applicant should be an active user of social networks, possess strong communication skills in new media;

- Knowledge of the media market (ties with journalists, bloggers, independent experts and other leaders of public opinion is preferable);

- Interpersonal skills, ability to socialize, hold negotiations;

- Result-oriented performance, ability to set and achieve goals;

- Presentation skills;

- Ability to work as a part of team as well  lead a project independently;

- High level of stress resistance, readiness to take on heavy workloads, ability to “switch” quickly, fulfill several tasks at the same time, lead  several clients/projects concurrently;

- Competence in Russian and Ukrainian is a must;

- Command of the English language – upper intermidiate level;

-Higher education (philology, degree with the specialization in PR is welcomed);

-Experienced Internet user (web-engines, blogs, forums, social networks);

- Good computer skills (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint); knowledge of the basic graphical packages is preferable);

Personal qualities:
- responsibility, system-oriented approach, activity, flexibility, creativeness.

Dear Candidates! Please read carefully the requirements – the CVs that don’t comply with the requirements won’t be processed. There will be questions during the interview that will enable to verify professional competence of a candidate and the veracity of the information provided in his/her CV regarding the existing experience, level and skills.



Upon the results of the interview.


Company offers:

- decent salary;

- work in the well-known and professional company;

- official employment;

- friendly staff;

- professional growth and development. 

We don’t promise that it will easy but, indeed, it will be of a great interest!

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21 November 2013
Account Manager/Project Manager

- Develop media- and communication plans;

- Draw up cost estimates (for instance, for events, separate projects);

- Prepare commercial offers upon potential clients’ request;

- Prepare offer for participation in tenders;

- Schedule work with clients (timings, plans, algorithms and schemes according to the agency standards);

- Draft reports for a client (as a rule – once in a month);

- Maintain constant contact and communication with the existing clients;

- Arrange and carry negotiations, meetings with clients;

- Collaborate with contractors while delivering customer service (media, advertising agencies etc);

- Interact with other departments and agency’s employees  while delivering customer service;

- Control deadlines of customer service, supervise timeliness  of the other agency’s employees who take part in delivering customer service;

- Identify client’s needs offering new or/and additional products and services;

- Collect feedback from clients: study their requirements of the service, clarify possible reasons of their dissatisfaction in terms of collaboration, analyze possible client’s complaints and take all measures to settle and prevent the conflict situations and preserve business relations;   

- Manage financial transactions between a client and the agency, cooperate with the accounting department (billing customers, billing clients for services of contractors etc.) – skill in working with 1C will be an advantage;

- Ensure uninterrupted receipt of payment for the agency’s services.


- At least 2 year experience on a similar position, proven experience in leading/accompanying  clients and projects;

-Experience in working with and/or PR-agency is obligatory;

- Interpersonal skills, ability to carry negotiations, presentation skills, ability to work with the key clients, flexibility;

- Background – preferably philological or marketing/PR;

-Excellent command of Russian, Ukrainian, English – upper intermediate level;

-Punctuality, responsibility;

- High level of stress-resistance, result-orientated performance;

-Ability to multitasking and intense job;

- 25-35 years old.


Dear contenders! Before sending your CVs, please carefully review the requirements for a successful candidate. CVs that do not meet the basic requirements will not be considered.


Upon the results of the interview.


Company guarantees:

- Professional and career growth;

- Interesting, diverse work in the domain of PR and in the well-known and professional company;

- Different trainings;

- Employment according to the Labor Code;

- Timely payment of salaries;

- Friendly team;

- Comfortable office in the downtown, 


Please send your CV via e-mail, we will review it and invite you to the interview.

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