News / video / How to attract tourists to the sanatorium or hotel?
22 September 2011

How to show the benefits of recreation in sanatorium? Or to transmit the atmosphere of the resort and cause a desire to rest here during few minutes? In this case video PR reports help you.

With help of the video in Internet today you can see many parts of the world. Not surprisingly that most tourists choose a resting place just by searching the Internet.

Therefore, we created a series of PR reports about the unique sanatorium "Vernygora", located in the forest-park zone of Truskavets. The natural environment, a spacious area, comfortable wooden VIP-cottages, a variety of health treatments, delicious food, entertainment - all these you can see during the watching the video. And the most importantly is to hear the comments of ordinary tourists and become acquainted with the wonderful staff of the sanatorium. Without any doubt, this information will be interesting and useful for consumers and help them make the right decision about their vacation.
It should be noted that the video reports we usually do turnkey, from the idea, thematic plan, preparing of brief for the operator and questions for interviews, working directly on the place till ratification finished video by client.

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