News / video / Completing Client’s Tasks Comfortably: Next Stage of the Program Begins
25 March 2011





At the end of March, 2011 the Strategic Communications Company “Publicity Creating” finished realization of the first stage of 2011 year  program entitled “Completing Client’s Task in a New Way” and initialized the second part of the program “Completing Client’s Tasks Comfortably”.
In frames of cooperation with clients new forms and channels were implemented, as those related to social web and promotion in the Internet. Practically, all clients were actively involved into the program of promotion video and photo, interactive forms, activities in social web; the work continues towards integration on-line and off-line forms.
Our clients as well as specialists of “Publicity Creating” are highly satisfied with the results of the first stage of implementation “Completing Client’s Tasks” program. First of all, it’s estimated from the number of signed agreements and a great interest of the new companies concerning the cooperation with our Agency”, – said Valeriy Kureyko, Publicity Creating  General Director.
New stage of the marketing program is directed  towards assuring the comfort and maximum satisfaction of clients’ needs – in frames of cooperation with the Agency. This concerns the information dissemination, comprehensive and timely responding to client’s questions, Agency staff’s further professional growth, maximal understanding of client’s needs, developing green zone of comfort, and paying high attention to client’s requirements and desires.
“In order to access the new quarter a strategic session is planned, where current issues to be traditionally revised and new standards to be implemented – particularly those concerning transparent procedures of cooperation with client. The client should always be aware of developing situation and spend less time communicating with the partner agency”, – said Valeriy Kureyko.
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