News / video / Publicity Creating has organized a round table "How to save winter crops? Predictions and prospects"
5 March 2012

Publicity Creating has organized a roundtable "How to save winter crops? Predictions and prospects"

The speakers of the event were Leonid Suhomlyn , the head of the section of grain and industrial crops of the department of agronomy of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Vladimir Lapa the CEO of the “Urainian agribusiness club”, Artur Karganjan, the CEO of the group of companies “BIONA”, Marija Kolesnik, the head of the Analytic Department of the consulting agency “AAA” and Tatjana Adamenko, the head of the Department of Agrometeorology of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

The experts discussed the negative influence of bad weather conditions in autumn and winter in 2011-2012 on the future harvest, estimated the losses of the winter crops and their consequences and proposed the possible ways to decide the problem.

The representative of the relevant ministry considers the situation with the winter crops not to be critical. Leonid Suhomlyn claims that according to State Committee of Statistics Ukrainian agrarians over the past 20 years annually have been reseeding up to 19% of areas seeded in autumn. This year it’s necessary to reseed 30% of areas that will be 3,5 million hectares.

In such circumstances specialists recommend to use biological preparations to save the winter crops.

The specialists of Publicity Creating have performed the following work: location management and the logistics of the event, consulting of the speakers, accreditation of the journalists of specified and business media, information agencies and TV channels, preparation of text materials, formation of the report and recommendations for the future cooperation.


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