News / video / Publicity Creating: 15 years of success
22 January 2013

On January 21, 2013 the company of strategic communications “Publicity Creating” – one of the leading companies on the Ukrainian PR market – celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding.

The successful PR-practices implemented within all major industries, a lot of positive recommendations from the clients – that is what the company is proud of today, the unique feature of which is the impressive combination of experience and innovations. Publicity Creating combines an extensive practical experience, profound understanding of the different business areas as well their specificity, systematical and complex approach in solving the long-term objectives, on the one hand, and applying the most up-to-date methods and approaches, on the other hand. For several years taking active part in digital PR, integrating online and offline communications have been the integral part of Publicity Creating PR-programs.


The company has shown steady growth over a period of years since its foundation. For instance, Publicity Creating managed not only to survive the economic crisis without incurring significant losses, but also to strengthen its market position.

            The results of 2012 also confirm the success of the company: the number of clients has doubled and the turnover has increased by 320%. Such tangible results have been achieved due to the highly-qualified staff, client-orientated and well-coordinated work of the team.

           "One of the secrets of the successful and long history of our company is its ongoing and ceaseless development. We have never stopped at what has been accomplished, we have set new, more complicated and ambitious goals. We enter 2013 full of strength, new ideas and plans to solve the reputational and marketing issues of our clients", - said General Director of Publicity Creating, Valeriy Kureyko.

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