News / video / We solve tasks with comfort for the client: results of the 2nd stage of the marketing program of Publicity Creating
12 July 2011

In early July the Strategic Communications company Publicity Creating summarized the 2nd quarter of 2011, which coincided with the second stage of the marketing program in 2011 “We solve tasks with comfort for the client”.

       Within two stage of the marketing program an active work on further improving the quality of customer service of the company was conducted. In particular, for this purpose a strategic session was held in five-star hotel "Hyatt". During the session new approaches were found and standards of customer service were improved. In particular, important steps were done in implementing strategies for optimization of all communications between the company and customers like quick respond to customers' wishes, etc. Improving the quality of service affected each department and service of the agency.

      The results of this work did not take long to wait: during the 2nd quarter of 2011 Publicity Creating implemented several successful projects, including projects for new customers.

      Thus, on the 10th of June in Kiev business center "Parus", with the active support of PR-Publicity Creating, technical workshop for designers and climate market professionals was successfully held. It was organized by Likond company, an official partner of TM HOVAL (Liechtenstein) in Ukraine.

       Service in organizing the technical seminar (including the invitation of representatives of independent design organizations to the event), was so liked by the representatives of TM HOVAL, that the company decided to continue cooperation with the Publicity Creating in the new project. It was implemented immediately: at the beginning of July in UNIAN news agency a press conference "Energy-efficient Industrial Ventilation: New Perspectives". It was attended by the president of a company HOVAL Peter Frick, who specially came for the event in Ukraine from the city of Vaduz (Liechtenstein).

       Another successful event organized by the Publicity Creating in the 2nd quarter - a joint press conference of the three major brands: "Eldorado", "Alfa Bank" and «VISA». The event entitled "Perspectives and trends in consumer lending in Ukraine: the entry of a new type of card" was held at UNIAN news agency and has attracted the attention of about 30 representatives of media, including television.

       All these events took place in summer, when, as is known, the general business activity is reduced, and risks (for example, statistics of attendance) are increased. However, employees of Publicity Creating made all efforts to provide high quality services and the results of these efforts fully satisfied customers.



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