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10 January 2008

On the 12th of February, 2008 winners of the rating PR-agencies - Golden Grain Rating were announced.

On the 12th of February, 2008 winners of the rating PR-agencies - Golden Grain Rating were announced. Rating, which has three nominations, compiled from a survey of the media. A similar project on the Ukrainian market is realized for the first time.
Polls conducted by an informational website www.publicity.kiev.ua in December 2007 and January 2008 by Internet and partly by telephone interview. The survey attracted more than 30 journalists of the Ukrainian business and specialized press, as well as informational agencies and specialized web-sites.

As a result, a rating of the most famous and professional PR-agencies operating in Ukraine, according to media representatives, was drawn up. And also identified the most influential PR-experts in journalists’ opinion.

The Company of Strategic Communications Publicity Creating won prizes in three categories:
In the nomination "The best known PR-agency” Publicity Creating won th 2nd place.
In the nomination "The most professional PR-agency” Publicity Creating won the 1st place.
In the nomination "The most authoritative PR professional" the second prize is for Rouslana Plis (the Publicity Creating Company).

 Generally in the poll respondents named 55 companies (PR-agencies and other companies that provide PR-services) and 64 persons (including employees of PR-agencies and professionals, who work within companies and enterprises) .

The questionnaire consisted of open questions, which suggests high reliability of results.

According to respondents, the key criteria of professional PR-agencies are:
•    Professionalism of managers and employees of the agency
•    Implementation of ethical standards in mass media relations
•    An effective system /plans / technology work
•    Achieving objectives, the efficiency of work
•    Quality customer service.

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