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29 January 2013

On January, 2013 Publicity Creating approved the marketing program «Right on Target!»

On January, 2013 Publicity Creating approved the marketing program «Right on TargetThe name of the program speaks for itself: it aims, first of all, at achieving clients’ goals which, in its turn, enables to reach new heights in terms of Publicity Creating development.

Among the objectives of the marketing program there are: 1,8-fold turnover increase of the company as well increase in the number of clients by 30% compared to 2012. In addition, it’s planned to increase the number of big well-known brands in the client’s portfolio, expand new areas and improve agency’s industry practices.

The advantages of Publicity Creating, as compared with other players operating on Ukrainian PR market, are the impressivecombination of experience (15 years on market) and innovations in the offline and online spheres. The unique competences (for instance, expertise in PR-moving in B2B markets, digital PR and on-line video accomplishments) as well as positive clients’ recommendations supplement a powerful company’s arsenal for achieving its targets.  

In 2013 Publicity Creating plans to increase the share of digital PR within communication programs for its clients, augment the number of projects in the key industry practices (construction, medicine/pharmacy, retail, agriculture, financial and other markets).

The program also stipulates the increasing role of analytical component within the projects, development of such PR-spheres as “The Personal PR-Studio” (PR-moving of physical persons, PR of the 1st person), PR-office (consulting, anti-crisis).

“Right on target” is a development program based on our deep understanding of clients’ business specific areas, our proactive position and comprehensive approach to solving tasks. The extensive practical experience allows us to predict results and move towards the goal in the most optimal way”, noted the General Director of Publicity Creating, Valeriy Kureyko.

The company remains focused on the professional growth of Publicity Creating employees, thus the corresponding motivational program has been elaborated with this purpose.

Let us recall that by the end of 2012, the number of Publicity Creating clients has doubled and the turnover has increased by 320%.


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