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2 July 2012

Publicity Creating Company opened a new area of activity called personal PR.

Services are destined for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and top managers. As a result, customer receives necessary level of popularity among the target audience, harmonious image, formed reputation (of market expert, leader, successful manager, etc.), communication skills with mass-media, ability of performing public speeches, etc.

One of segments, in which Personal PR Studio will work is promotion of regional leaders, which is especially actual in the period before elections to local and central administrations.

Within this direction Company provides following services:

- Positioning, image formation

- Internet and social networks promotion

- Promotion in mass-media

- Increasing of popularity and forming positive reputation.

«There are lots of areas of activity where a person plays a primary role – these are not only creative professions (designer, stylist, for instance) but also the areas where the trust to particular specialist is important (medicine, consulting, etc.).On one hand such situation is typical for service sector, because the service is tightly connected with a person that carries it out. On the other hand, the head of an industrial enterprise is a person whose reputation affects the success of a whole company. It’s even more important to have positive fame and reputation for people engaged in political, governmental and public activities. What I mean to say is that personal PR becomes more and more important, especially today, when Internet removes all limits for socializing, communicating, acquainting with each other, declaring one’s position to various social groups. That’s why we decided to open a Personal PR Studio», - pointed out Ruslana Plis, Publicity Creating Managing Partner.


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