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11 October 2017

Publicity Creating approved a new marketing program

In September 2017, Publicity Creating approved a new marketing program

"Strength in Diversity" - the name of the program speaks for itself: the flexibility and mobility in the organization of work on the one hand, and the diversity of used tools, on the other, that would achieve the goals facing clients and Publicity Сreating reach new heights of development.

Among the goals of the marketing program is to increase the company's turnover by 25% and increase the number of clients and projects by 10%, compared with 2016 and the last half of 2017.

Advantages of Publicity Creating is an impressive combination of experience (20 years on the market) and innovations, sustainable and diverse industry practices, expertise in B2B, as well as a positive reputation and many recommendations from customers and partners.

"Strength in Diversity" - a program of development based on our deep understanding of clients' specific business and PR-market in general, and in possession of a wide range of tools and a comprehensive approach to solving problems. In today's market there is no other company that could so efficiently and punctually implement projects for a wide variety of goals of clients from many different areas of activity ", - said Valeriy Kureiko,  Director of Publicity Creating.

The program also provides for increasing the role of the consulting component in projects.

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