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25 October 2012

Publicity Creating developed practice seminar “PR information and new forms using in sales”.

In the permanent crisis period it’s become harder to promote something – the goods or services. Today the sales industry is fed up by the different technics and to invent something new is too hard. As usual sales managers don’t understand how they can launch new ideas to their work. For example, how one can use PR content in sales and how it can influence on sales effectively?

So, many companies are paying more attention to their reputation, using different PR instruments and new media – they are investing efforts and resources to present themselves in media. Much of them are using new promotion forms: video comments, Social networks brand pages and other. But how it can use their salesmen? Likes they the Company`s page in Social networks, knows they about last corporate news?

At the same time, the photo, video or Company page in Social network link which demonstrated pertinently could play a positive part in the talks and convince better than traditional forms (booklet, printing presentation etc.).

Among this, one can use traditional forms in the new formats. For example, client’s recommendations will be more interesting in the video format then like formal “text with stamp”.

For more effectively PR instruments in sales using Publicity Creating developed practice seminar “PR information and new forms using in sales”. Company held this seminar for their clients and took favorable reviews from participants.

Practice seminar is dedicated to the whole sales process – from the training before talks, correspondence and phone talks to the presentation meetings and post contacts. The program goal is to teach salesmen and other people who communicate with potential clients use PR information in every sales stage.

PR and new media developments are the additional opportunities to convince the client and to build and support long-time relations with him.

Practice seminar will be useful for everybody, who has an active communication with potential clients at each stage of sales – for sales-managers, marketing managers, client managers, trade representatives, sales consultants etc.

The customers of this seminar are marketing, commerce and sales department heads, and also directors and owners.


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