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14 July 2011

Nowadays PR-communications are becoming more complicated, they develop into more diverse and require individual attention. At the same time customer requirements for efficiency and effectiveness of PR-programs are increasing.

Following these trends, the third stage of the marketing program of strategic communications company Publicity Creating, which will be sold in the 3rd quarter of 2011, is dedicated to the principle: "We solve tasks of the client individually."


During the current phase of the marketing program employee training for improving skills in preparing individual proposals for the clients will be conducted. The third strategic session of Publicity Creating, that is going to be held in September in 2011, will be dedicated to this issue.


It is very important for the customers to know that the proposed communication strategy, program or project - are really individual, take into account its features, specificity, wishes, budget, etc. An ability to guess the client’s needs exactly and justify his expectations is a key factor of competitiveness PR-agency today.


"It was always paid a great attention to such things in our company " - the CEO of the Publicity Creating, Valery Kureiko, says - "The customer can be sure that with Publicity Creating he receives a totally "individual" solution, that meets its requirements and expectations. It's like a suit, sewed exactly on the figure - it is more convenient, it sits and looks better"- added the director of Publicity Creating.


An implementation of the 3rd phase of marketing program of Publicity Creating «We solve tasks of the client individually" was launched on July 1, 2011.



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