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5 May 2006

The Company from now onwards provides services in strategic communications.

The Company from now onwards provides services in strategic communications. Thus, the Company changed its logo and corporate style.

As stated by Valeriy Kureiko - the CEO of Publicity Creating, reposition of the company associated with the change in market situation, as well as creative re-experience of the company. Publicity Creating differs from other companies in PR and marketing communications by focus on solving client’s business problems, increase the value of its brand and reputation formation as an intangible asset.. Therefore, the main audience, with which cooperates Publicity Creating, are a co-owners and owners of companies, members of boards and members of boards of directors.

The Publicity Creating Managing Partnet - Rouslana Plis, believes that now is not enough to conduct events or to write press releases.

 "We act exactly where it's needed, exactly as you want, and at those audiences, on which depends market position of a client. Strategic Communications will help customers achieve their business objectives faster and get a sustainable long-term results," she said.

 Since the foundation of strategic communications are Public Relations, Publicity Creating retains its specialization, but expands the range and enhances its products and services.

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