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16 November 2009

Publicity Creating Company offered a new service – holding of creative sessions

A crisis influenced on the process of planning in companies: most of them concentrated on tactical steps. At the same time, many companies go back to the medium-term and strategic planning. In order to get more effective results, and to make process of planning more interesting, Publicity Creating Company offered a new service – holding of creative sessions.

The participants of creative session (heads of companies, top-managers, heads of departments, marketing specialists, PR-managers, managers on external and internal communications, managers on advertising, HR-managers) during a discussion produce a plan, scenario or algorithm of decision in certain task, actual for a company in the field of marketing communications and/or PR. In this time trainer-consultant Publicity Creating helps them, organizes the process of discussion on the special method.

As a topic of creative session the client can choose a strategic or tactical task, for example: development of communication plan on a quarter or a half-year, scenario or plan of PR-event organization, development of scheme of cooperation with mass-media in new terms etc. So, creative sessions are very suitable exactly at the end of current and beginning of next year, when plans are develop.

«The creative session is a good instrument of making decisions, which allows to involve to this process employees. During a session a company decides the real, not «theoretical» task. On this time are used untraditional methods that allow to «awakened» creativity of employees. The consultant not only helps to organize the process of discussion but also gives the recommendations. The client gets the decision of task, and satisfaction from the carried out work as a result of creative session, as experience of holding such sessions shows», - Valeriy Kureiko General director of Publicity Creating noticed.

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