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21 March 2018

What is the "portrait" of a potential client on the Ukrainian PR market today

The market of PR-services is a typical B2B market, with a larger share of clients being legal entities. Depending on the situation in the economy and business as a whole, the needs of companies and organizations that order outsourcing PR services are constantly changing. What is the "portrait" of a potential client on the Ukrainian PR market today? The PR agency Publicity Creating shares its observations over the past 6 months.

To "draw a picture" of the potential client PR-agencies were identified 5 key criteria:

1. Scale - small, medium or large business.

2. Life cycle - start-up company or a beginner (1 to 3 years), the young company or developing company (on the market from 3 to 10 years) or a mature company (on the market 10 years or more).

3. The main direction of activity is the production, sale of goods or provision of services.

4. Market segment - B2B or B2C.

5. The type of company is foreign or Ukrainian (it refers to the "origin" of the brand and company, rather than the formal notion of "resident non-resident").

According to the results of the analysis of appeals for the period of six months *, the representatives of small business made up 15%, medium - 59% and large - 26%.

At the same time, beginners and start-up projects accounted for more than 25%, young companies - 32%, and mature companies - almost 43%.

According to the directions of activity - the companies involved in the production of goods (products) accounted for 41%, sales of products (suppliers) and trading organizations - about 41%, and companies providing services - a little over 12%.

Most companies that have turned to PR-agency, representing the B2B sector - 59% (respectively B2C sector made up 41% of all appeals).

Of all appeals, Ukrainian companies accounted for 58%, foreign ones - 42%.

Thus, the portrait of a typical potential client seeking out-of-the-market PR services is as follows: It’s a Ukrainian medium-sized B2B business that deals with the supply and sale of products and has considerable experience in the market.

According to Publicity Creating experts, a "portrait" reflects the overall situation in the Ukrainian economy, and the fact that representatives of medium-sized businesses do not have large budgets, so they try to find a less expensive, but more effective ways of promotion. In addition, traditionally, in the B2B segment, there is usually no need for direct advertising, and the need for PR-promotion is felt more acutely than in B2C. Also, on the markets of B2B, a positive reputation is more likely to be converted into sales, and the link between PR and marketing output is more obvious.

* A total of 84 qualitative leads were analyzed, which were received by the company through various channels during  September 2017 - February 2018.

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