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17 Juny 2010
Know necessities, anticipate expectations: how agencies work with their clients in new terms

 Public relations are an intellectual service, in providing which take part both client and agency. 

And it is so important, that all nuances which afterwards can influence to the result were considered already on the stage of planning of communication programs. «Ukrainian PR-agencies need to go on the new quality level of assignment of services: every activity must exactly hit the aim, answer the concrete tasks of client, - considers General Director of strategic communications company Publicity Creating Valeriy Kureiko, – It is necessary to offer not simply some services, but services necessary to a client, maximally adapted to his concrete tasks».

 It’s not hard to notice that even companies which work at one market often pursue different aims, have different possibilities, scales, priorities and ambitions. And it is especially important in a post-crisis situation, when all steps of communication program must be maximally effective and lead, in the end, to «exact hitting the target». In addition, both a client and agency must «see» the same purpose.

 «In 2010 we introduced the marketing program «Concrete result for a Fair price». It’s important element (equally with modernisation and diversification of services) is upgrading service quality. Work with each of clients became yet more individual, aims are more carefully learned, and to prevail those aims we carefully select instruments, find new forms and possibilities. For this reason practically every suggestion on promotion «hits the target», and the client understands it and accepts positively. There are developed not only the communication program but also adapted separate services for a concrete client», - shared his experience Valeriy Kureiko.

 Such approach allows to raise efficiency of PR-agency working and, that’s not unimportant, optimize expenses on the communication program.

 «It is important to support a permanent feed-back with a client, to «hold a hand on a pulse», because situation on markets and in companies is changing... Accordingly, the aims are changing. So, during realization of project it is necessary to manage the changes of client expectations. For this an agency may have the technique of exposure of necessities and collection of feed-back from clients», - considers Valeriy Kureiko.

 «Focus on a client» optimizes work of PR-agency. «We aspire to creation of such atmosphere in our company, when every employee will perceive work on a client as personal task», - noticed Valeriy Kureiko.

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