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27 May 2010
«3 in 1»: effective event for partners

 At the B2B market different PR-events for partners have unchanging popularity. And it’s not surprisingly: targeted, contact forms always bring to concrete results – in marketing and reputation. On the whole, business is built not only on a benefit but also on relations, but relations are the road with two-way traffic. Exactly on events - seminars or conferences - it is possible to decide the task of building of such two-way communication. No telephone or an Internet-discussion will not replace the personal contact: look, smile, handshake, live communication.

General Director of Publicity Creating, President Publicity Group, Valeriy Kureiko, noticed: «During the event for  partners company try to realize a few of communication tasks at once. To collect all dealers often and in one place, if a network is large and spread to different regions, countries – enough difficultly. Besides, every similar event requires considerable costs».

What to do in this case? In opinion of specialists, optimum is a holding of two-day or three-day event.

  «During the 2-3-days event the company can easy to decide a few tasks at once: support of the personal contact with partners, teaching of technicians, allocation of commercial information, forming of command spirit, strengthening of the own image and reputation, forming of loyalty to the brand, entertainment and rest», - Valeriy Kureiko said.

At preparation of the program of 2-3 day conferences, in details developed «official and business» and «entertainment» parts. To the first we can relate directly a conference with top-managers speeches, lead specialists, general meetings, teaching, round and master-classes table etc. To entertainment part usually relate gala-suppers with appearance of diverse performers, dancing performances, competitions etc. We also can relate to this part of event such elements which cultivate a command spirit like games, different sporting competitions, quests, rope trainings and other.

It will be successful to use the event for presentation of noveltyproducts, holding of the interactive trainings. It is actually for companies which assortment is constantly filled up and counts ten of the numbers. „Two or three day partner conferences are actually for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, IT and other markets, where the permanent teaching of dealers and expansion of partner network is required. Also such events are needed and for the suppliers of hi-tech difficult equipment – for example, special automobiles or conditioning systems », - Valeriy Kureiko said.

So, an event for partners which is not limited to the scopes of one day has a number of advantages. At the first place it’s  a providing of the valuable program, which will realize all complex of communicative and marketing tasks. And in this case expenses justify itself fully, because a company gets in reply increase of marketing activity, efficiency of partners work, on a background of loyalty and sense of single command.

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