News / video / How to make a “full house” press conference for knights?
2 February 2011

Experienced customers know - if it is a need to prepare high quality press event in short terms, you should be consulted by a professional PR agency.


Even in difficult situations when there is a lack time left for the press conference organizing and the topic is not spinning around yet, our specialists will be able to carry a good result.

Such situation happened with the press conference that we recently organized for the international project “Battle of the Nations”.

The press event hosting representatives from 9 countries was held in a full hall despite a little time remained to date of the event and at that time almost nobody had heard and known about the project.

The event was attended by over 20 media, in particular 4 TV channels, and as a result of press conference nearly 100 different publications came out including photos and video.

We hope that our professional work will help the project “Battle of the Nations” to become more famous and successful.

Thus, the real knights, who always keep their word and bring the culture of the medieval battle to the masses, deserve it...


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