News / video / Press-tour and seminar on factory in region
30 December 2010

In case if the production is located in the region, the press tours and
field seminars for professionals bring good results.

Informing partners and the media is important for producers, particularly if
they are engaged in innovative technologies. For example, the market of
biological products is dynamically developing all over the world, and in
recent years
this trend is observed in Ukraine, where is successfully working
agricultural enterprise "Niva" (the member of the Biona group of companies).

Outreach events are one of the ways to acquaint the audience with
the advantages and characteristics of biological products for agriculture.
Thus, for the agricultural enterprise "Niva" was organized and conducted
the "field seminar" for professionals and the press tour for media
The program of the event notably included: a visit to the plant, a press
conference with the participation of company managers, a seminar, a tour
around historical sites of Evpatoria.

As the saying tells, it's better to see once...


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