News / video / In 2012 Publicity Creating confirmed its reputation as one of the most experienced companies on the Ukrainian PR market
17 January 2013

PR projects: In 2012 the company of strategic communications Publicity Creating demonstrated considerable growth: the number of clients doubled, and the turnover of the company increased by 320%


In 2012 the company of strategic communications Publicity Creating demonstrated considerable growth: the number of clients doubled, and the turnover of the company increased by 320%.

Publicity Creating enhanced the quality of PR-customer service, introducing innovative tools, such as integrated online+offline PR-technologies, into its communication strategy.

In 2012 Publicity Creating realized over 200 different projects for 35 clients. These projects were carried out in offline (press tours, press conferences, round tables, press lunches, incentive tours) and online formats (maintaining platforms on social networking sites, online conferences, contests for bloggers etc). Though, the integration of offline and online formats was typical for the majority of realized activities.

In particular, almost all offline activities, organized by Publicity Creating in 2012, were accompanied by the online reportages published on the social networking website’s pages of the client, thus increasing audience engagement into the event 10 to 100 times. Such reportages contained not only a detailed description of the current situation, but also were illustrated by photo- and video materials, promptly filmed in the hall.

Moreover, the online broadcasts of the events at the leading Ukrainian online-media platforms (such as, for instance, www.segodnya.ua) and on the corporate clients’ web-sites and information portal, www.publicity.kiev.ua, were also widely practiced.

The efficiency of such tools is corroborated by the online audience’s deep interest in these events: thus, the topical information provided by Publicity Creating clients was received not only by journalists and company’s partners, but also by bloggers, media representatives from other regions and a wide audience of Internet users.

Taking into account the active usage of new PR forms and tools, it can be asserted that in 2012 Publicity Creating implemented the modified complex of PR programs almost for all clients. These comprehensive programs contained a significant share of digital PR and Internet promotion. Thus, in 2012 the share of realized by Publicity Creating projects in the online environment (including the integrated forms) increased by 40% in comparison with 2011 year.

In addition, the role of PR-events held for the clients has significantly increased, in particular this trend was clearly evident within the companies which specialize in B2B market. These PR-tools demonstrated considerable efficiency namely in the integrated "offline + online" format. For example, in 2012 it was held 4 press-events (press conferences, press tour and round tables) for the “All Ukrainian Postal Service” company, which substantially influenced its improving position on the Ukrainian postal-services market. There were also effective and productive press-events realized for many other clients (EKO-market, "Nebesna Krynytsa" MIROPLAST”, LEAСOND, URSA, «BIONA» group of companies etc).

It is also worth mentioning that the geographic area of Publicity Creating clients had significantly expanded in the past year. Apart from Kiev companies, Publicity Creating carried out PR-actions for the companies from Dnepropetrovsk (MIROPLAST), Donetsk (Lime Systems), Evpatoria («Biona» group of companies), Odessa (Senturia) and other cities. There were also foreign companies among Publicity Creating clients: DAIKIN Europe N.V. (Belgium), Rezulteo (France), RNT (Russia) and DEAC (Latvia).

Publicity Creating positions in PR-implementation practices have also significantly strengthened for the majority of the core markets, the players of which are especially interested in effective PR-actions. Thus, it’s worth noting that among Publicity Creating clients there are companies operating on the IT, construction, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, nutrition and cosmetology markets.

In addition, 2012 saw the increasing interest in PR of the 1st person. In response to these requests the company launched “The Personal PR Studio”, which was specifically created to render consulting and other services for the entities that are interested in the personal PR-promotion: experts, top managers, artists, show-business representatives etc.

"2012 was the year of ongoing development and growth: the number of clients has grown, the intensity of the promotion programs has increased, Digital PR has strengthened its position on the market. Our company has expanded the range of services, constantly generating new patterns and approaches in order to achieve the client's goals. We are one of the most experienced companies on Ukrainian PR market, however, 2012 has proven that the company is young, full of energy and leading innovative ideas. I am confident that in 2013 our current and would-be clients will fully appreciate this combination of experience and innovation"- said General Director of Publicity Creating, Valeriy Kureyko.

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