News / video / Publicity Creating organized PR-support for the final prize drawing of "Family Club"
27 January 2012


PR-support of drawing: In December 2011 Strategic Communications Company Publicity Creating organized PR-support for the final prize drawing among the clients of "Family Club" as a part of an annual loyalty action.

On December 21, 2011 final prize drawing among the clients of "Family Club" was held in Kiev as a part of an annual loyalty action. In annual drawing took part absolutely all orders, which were made during 2011.

Among the prizes that were drawn this year were: two trips with a total value of 20 000 UAH and 25 000 UAH played in quarterly draw, and grand prize, which amounts 200,000 UAH.

To provide transparency of drawing, it was held with the assistance of independent jury, private notary and supervisory committee, which consists of partners of "Family Club" and the most active clients in 2011.


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