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News / video / Fair prices for PR are real
23 September 2011

How to provide optimal prices on PR services with saving its high quality? Managing partner of Publicity Creating Rouslana Plis says about the realities of pricing on public relations market.

The changes that took place on the market of marketing communications in general and Public Relations in particular put forward new demands to determine the value of PR services.

 "There is no "high" or "low" cost, price should be fair to let the agency qualitatively and timely complete all planned work, and make PR service available to each individual client" says Rouslana Plis. The price can be fair out of dependence of the budget, only if the client feels the real value of a PR partner and get concrete results from cooperation.

It should be noticed that one of the strategic aims of Publicity Creating on the Ukrainian PR market is to make high-quality service in public relations available.

We talked to Valeriy Kureyko of Publicity Creating about Strategic Communication and PR. This is what he said about it.
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