News / video / Ukrainian companies return to the PR-outsourcing
8 September 2011

How the situation with the outsourcing on PR market has changed? What tasks and functions should be given to outsourcing? Managing partner of Publicity Creating Ruslana Plis speaks about it.

How the situation with the outsourcing on PR market has changed? What tasks and functions should be given to outsourcing? Managing partner of Publicity Creating Ruslana Plis speaks about it.

At the present level of market development every company needs the professional partner in the field of PR-communications which will build targeted, intensive and – most importantly – effective PR-activities. The tasks facing before marketing specialists and heads of Ukrainian companies in the field of reputation are being more complicated, and it is not surprising that the level of PR-outsourcing services began to grow.

PR-agency entrusted strategic promotion, promo in the Internet and social networks, organizing and holding large-scale and particularly important PR-activities, press events and more other. It’s interesting that even companies that hadn’t conducted PR-activities previously now apply to the PR-agency and launch PR-programs to solve their problems.

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