News / video / Publicity Creating Provides PR-Activities for the International Festival
14 April 2011

Strategic communications company Publicity Creating continues cooperation with the international project “Battle of the Nations”.

         Publicity Creating currently provides PR-Activities for the festival “Battle of the Nations”. This event, notable at state level, takes place in Apr 30 – May 3, 2011, at the Khotyn Fortress (Chernivtsi region).
The festival “Battle of the Nations” is attended by the participants from around the world – in 2011 such countries represented in the full-scale battles by the international teams as Belarus, Italy, Germany, Poland, Quebec (Canada), Russia, and Ukraine. Visitors from other countries, including those from Western Europe and the USA, are also to attend the event.
        The most anticipated event of the expected festival is historical medieval battles (HMB) competition. This is a realistic, full-contact knightly skirmish, including massive clashes, among the international teams, involving usage of restored medieval weapons, outfits and armors (handmade or forged using the authentic medieval models). Rules of the fighting competition and tournament matches are similar to authentic.
In frames of the festival expected are dozens of clashes, involving more than 200 knights representing international teams, including full-contact fighting “1 on 1”, “5 on 5”, and “21 on 21”. The bowmen tournament will take place as well (involving usage of bows and crossbows similar to those of XI-XVII centuries).
          Spectacular tournament matches as well as massive clashes attract the interest of the general public – in 2010 the festival “Battle of the Nations” has been attended by 25.000 visitors from Ukraine and abroad; this year it’s expected more than 30.000 visitors present at the festival.


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