News / video / Practice of using of PR-activities on the building market: experience of Publicity Creating Company
20 August 2012

Effective PR-strategy: Development and implementation of PR-concepts for companies on the building market is a difficult and hard work, but real professionals are doing it successfully.

Development and implementation of PR-concepts for companies on the building market is a difficult and hard work, but real professionals are doing it successfully.

Strategy of PR-promotion for company depends on her branch. In order to create the right customers` and partners’ point of view, one must take into account the peculiarities of target audience, look carefully at the market, find the most relevant media, and conduct other activities, which could assess trends of the market, in which client is working.

Development and implementation of PR-concepts for companies in the building market is a difficult and hard work, but real professionals are doing it successfully.

Specialists of the strategic communications company Publicity Creating, which successfully working with building companies for a long time, are noted that specificity of this market is, in particular, in its seasonality (for B2C products). Another feature - the goods and services in the building market, as a rule, are not buying spontaneously. That’s why it’s very important to create the consumer's opinion so he took the right decision at the stage of thinking about buying. It should be noted that most of the companies working in the building market, offering their products and services to the B2B sector, which also has a certain effect on the channels and forms of promotion.

Among the clients of Publicity Creating there are companies of various branches of the building market, such as "MIROPLAST" (window profiles WDS), "URSA" (heat and noise insulation materials) and "Leacond" (distributor of climate equipment DAIKIN, HOVAL), and DAIKIN EUROPE N.V. All of these companies are leaders in their branches. For each of them Publicity Creating designed the individual program of promotion allowing for the segment of their market, positioning, pricing policy, target audience, and other factors.

The spectrum of PR-methods today is very wide - it includes not only creation of the information model, writing and distribution in media of press releases and other text materials, blogging and pages in social networks, conducting online expert conferences, creating photo and video content, but also a large press events and incentive tours for partners, customers and employees of those companies.

On summer, 2012 Publicity Creating organized a press tour for journalists at the company's "MIROPLAST" plant to Dnepropetrovsk, where the production facilities were presented and the press briefing was conducted. The event was attended by Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk journalists, including 4 representatives of All-Ukrainian TV channels.

Earlier, in December, 2011 Incentive tour to Yaremche was held, which organized by Publicity Creating for the partners and employees of "URSA". This event included business part (conference-presentation of a new product line of materials URSA GEO) and informal part (skiing in Bukovel, gala-dinner at the "Hutsulschyna" restaurant etc.). And in March, 2012 Publicity Creating organized a press briefing for "URSA" at the specialized exhibition InterBudExpo. It attracted considerable interest of the building and business media, and television journalists.

For more than 11 years working with "Leacond" Company Publicity Creating organized many effective press events and other activities. In particular, in 2012 were held the press conference, anticipating the high season for air-conditioning market: this event attracted the attention of more than 30 journalists from various media, including 6 Ukrainian TV channels. But most importantly that by this time Publicity Creating achieved for "Leacond" undoubted reputation, and even marketing results, as evidenced by repeated extension of the contract with the agency.

Effective PR is important for building companies in increasing competition. Openness for the media, incentives for employees and partners, having a floor at key events of industry by the company representatives, expert advices from top managers of the company for consumers - all this, but not direct advertising, creates a positive attitude to the brand and the company and able to inspire confidence and encourage consumers to buy the product of this company. Thus, trusting their PR to professional outsourcers, companies of building market could reach reputational and marketing results for themselves.


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