News / video / Maximum efficiency: Publicity Creating closes 2012 year in its best form
19 December 2012

PR-event: During the IV quarter of 2012 the agency experts demonstrated that Publicity Creating effectively worked even when the major PR-events for different clients followed each other at short intervals.

2012 appeared to be one of the most productive years during the entire 15-year history that Publicity Creating was working at the Ukrainian PR market. For instance, the IV quarter of 2012 was marked by successful and diverse PR-events realized by Publicity Creating for its clients.

On November 20, 2012 Publicity Creating team arranged a press-tour to the All Ukrainian Postal Service” (VPS) factory. More than 30 representatives of print and digital publishers and 7 Ukrainian TV channels visited the factory. The press tour combined an excursion during which the media representatives were familiarized with the packing process of the letters and parcels, quality control and dispatch safety systems etc as well a press briefing conducted by the VPS company management.

On November 29, 2012 the presentation of multi-zonal system of the 4th generation - VRV IV, manufactured by DAIKIN Corporation (Japan) took place in the Hall of Champions in the Olympic National Sports Complex in Kiev. In the event, the high quality of which was ensured by Publicity Creating, more than 200 representatives of various companies from all regions took part – dealers of DAIKIN climate control equipment in Ukraine.

Specialists of Publicity Creating carried out a huge range of actions – starting form announcement, presentation participants’ accreditation, technical support and cocktail party organization finishing with online-translation and post-coverage. Moreover, Publicity Creating employees conducted a number of the video-interviews with the key speakers of the workshop and also with the winners of the loyalty program for the DAIKIN dealers – “High sales index in the peak sales season”.

Less than the week after the abovementioned event, on December 4, 2012 it was hold a press-lunch in one of the fashionable restaurants of Kiev that followed the Best Retail Article contest “From the Supermarket’s Life”. The contest was organized by “EKO Market” network whereas Publicity Creating was the PR-partner of the project and the coordinator of the press-lunch at the same time. The journalists communicated in a relaxed, social atmosphere and the winners of the contest received wonderful gifts – Apple Tablets.

During December 7-9, 2012 Publicity Creating arrnaged the incentive-tour to the castles of Podolia for its regular customer, LEACOND, the leader in the premium segment of the Ukrainian air conditioning market. With the course of incentive-tour more than LEACOND 40 partners from Odessa, Simferopol, Nikolaev, Lvov and other cities of Ukraine visited the ancient castles in Medzhybizh and Kamyanets-Podilsky cities.

In the best traditions of incentive-tours the event combined the unofficial part, excursions to outstanding sights of the region, exclusive quest “The Keys to Success” etc as well the official one – conference for the LEACOND partners. Consequently Publicity Creating managed to arrange a really team-building event which an ideal incentive tour should be like.

On 13 December, 2012 the press-conference “Ukrainian air-conditioning market of 2012: results, trends, perspectives” was organized by Publicity Creating in the IA “UNIAN”. The press-event attracted attention of business, specialized and popular press representatives as well correspondents of information agencies.

The apotheosis of the December activities was the symbolic date – December, 21. But the "end of the world" has nothing to do with it. On that day two events organized by Publicity Creating team were held: the final loyalty program actions for "Family Club" and "Image Club" clients (both companies are the leading players in the e-catalogue market). Publicity Creating professionals ensured the PR-support of the above mentioned actions and their organization. In particular, it was held the online broadcast of the drawing for valuable prizes along with the video interviews with partners and customers of both companies.

The IV quarter of 2012 became momentous for Publicity Creating not only because of successful organization of off-line events but as well due to the significant activities in the online sector.

Thus, in late October - early November, 2012 Publicity Creating organized for its clients three expert online conferences hosted by www.segodnya.ua on a variety of consumer topics. Internet conferences with the participation of experts gathered a good number of views count - as on the day of the conference as well after its completion. For example, the conference "Win a car ordering goods by mail: how real it is?" with "Image Club" representatives was held on 25 October, 2012. Its audience was constituted by 2330 Internet users. On October 30 the online conference with the LEAKOND CEO took place. At the moment the conference riveted attention of more than 3150 visitors of SEGODNIA web-site.

On November 8, 2012 the online conference "Water quality is quality of life" that was organized by Publicity Creating for "Nebesna Krynytsa” company took place. So far the page dedicated to the conference was viewed by more than 2,110 Internet users.

At the same time, Publicity Creating continued to actively develop and improve its activities in the field of digital PR, developing customers’ platforms in the social networks. In the IV quarter it was held more than 10 contests and quizzes with prize drawings for subscribers at the corporate web-site pages and within groups of the client companies that helped to activate audience and increase the number of fans. Publicity Creating being an active adherent of the offline and online integration process regularly conducted online reportages of the events as well as coverage of the incentive tours. In addition to the mentioned above tour hold for LEACOND, the live coverage of the incentive-tour «WDS: Window to America" was conducted by MIROPLAST, a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of PVC profiles for their partners in the iconic cities of America (Los Angeles and Las Vegas).

"The end of 2012 turned out to be very busy for us. Agency experts have demonstrated that Publicity Creating worked effectively even when the major PR-events for different clients followed each other at short intervals. We treated each event with great responsibility, and as a result our clients are satisfied with agency’s well done job"- said General Director of Publicity Creating, Valery Kureyko.

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