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18 May 2011

Informing media about trends of the market should be held before the season starts - it increases interest to speakers and to the company operating on the market.

For the Leacond company we carry on two key press events every year - one of them usually before air-conditioning season, and the second as a summing up its results. Specialists of Leacond who are known as the market experts are speaking about actual problems, giving the latest information and answering journalist’s questions.

Predictions of post-crisis development of the Ukrainian market of climate technology, the impact of the earthquake in Japan, the pricing policies of the leading manufacturers and availability of the required number of products in Ukraine during the summer triggered a special interest of the media this year.

For becoming an expert in your field for the media, an active and systematic work in the information space should be made. That is what we provide for our clients within long-term projects.

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