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News / video / Forecasts and results are good newsmakers
16 February 2011

A company that is an expert of the market, regularly informs audiences about  trends, gives  forecasts of market development and sums up.

Our regular customer -  Leacond Company, makes it in such way. Now, it's a recognized expert in air-conditioning market in Ukraine.

For company Leacond  we organize many PR-events, including the press conferences,  which are held usually twice a year - early in the season and for the year. The information presented at these events, are popular in media, using in market surveys and analytical material.

With the advent of tools such as online video,  to provide information became  more convenient. Now head of the company can directly apply to an interested audience.


We talked to Valeriy Kureyko of Publicity Creating about Strategic Communication and PR. This is what he said about it.
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