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News / trends / Seminars-trainings become popular again
6 March 2019

In the context of the crisis, the need for consulting is growing, because to solve more complex problems it is necessary to obtain deeper and more versatile knowledge.

It's no secret that in the crisis, the need for consulting is growing, because in order to meet new challenges and solutions to more complex problems, it is necessary to get deeper and more versatile knowledge, and also to get involved in the experience of colleagues. That is why since March 2017 Publicity Creating renewed a series of seminars and trainings on topical issues in the field of PR, promotion and marketing communications.

At this point in the seminars were attended by more than 60 representatives of companies from business sectors as construction, agriculture, retail, IT, finance. Special interest was caused by trainings on such topics as "Integrated promotion in new conditions", "Evaluation of the effectiveness of PR activities", "Loyalty programs in crisis conditions" and "PR for Start-up projects"

"Our company is conducting  training activities for 15 years, including author programs. Experience shows that these events remain in demand, because they provide the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and experience from practitioners, and at the same time in the shortest possible time. It means being ready to solve the problems that companies face in this difficult time," -  Rouslana Plis, Publicity Creating Account Director  said.

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