News / trends / Results of the half year for the Ukrainian PR-market: differentiation of leaders and outsiders
23 July 2009

Companies in which PR had a strategic function, did not decrease budgets, but, sometimes even increased them. 

General trends; clients. 
Companies in which PR had a strategic function, did not decrease budgets, but, sometimes even increased them. Companies that understand PR as a one-time or a single event reduced PR-budgets and PR-activity because such PR does not effect marketing strategies and aims.

Conferences, technical seminars, forums etc. are in great demand among PR-services, at this stage and also important elements of anticrisis PR. There is also demand for building up strategies; consulting; distribution of information in media (including Internet), monitoring, content analysis; and establishment of contacts with leaders of opinion. 
Particularly interested in public relations became Ukrainian producers in order to promote their products and for lobbying industry interests in the government.
Even markets, which were affected by the crisis, has gradually returned to the marketing activity in general, and public relations activity in particular. These are: financial, automotive, construction. Pharmaceutical and agricultural markets are planning to work harder during the second half of 2009.
The general trend of the market is the desire of clients to bond public relations with marketing outcomes. While choosing PR-technologies and PR-instruments, they prefer use-proven strategies in order to minimize risks. Clients started to ask for clear line in cooperation with the PR-agencies.

Market, Оperators 
PR-agencies divided on outsiders with decrease in budgets and reduction of client base to 50-70%; and absolute leaders with increased turnover of 5 to 15% as compared to the first half of 2008.
 According to information of the monitoring and analysis department of Publicity Creating, there are more than 100 specialized PR-agencies. The number of newly opened and vanished PRA of the market compensates each other.
Weak marketing activity of professional associations of PR-market. Important for the market in 2009 are traditional core activities: PR-festival, PR-forum, PR-congress and summit PR Days in Ukraine. It will have a positive effect for agencies, clients and market as a whole. 


A significant reduction of personnel, which was observed during winter and spring among mid-major PR-agencies and PR-divisions of companies also deceased. The number of personnel is at the boundary point for the possibility of client services.

Most of small and newly formed agencies reducted to 1-3 people, which is on the verge of existence as the subjects of the market, moving into the category of «Free-Lance».

The emergence of PR vacancies leads to a significant increase in quantity of candidates - up to 300 CVs in 4 hours on the Internet. Agencies and companies ceased to be interested in candidates with no experience and good recommendations. Alon with this, they became more flexible in staff management. Salaries in most agencies decreased on 30-50%, including payments by undervalued exchange rates. Jobs in the pre-crisis level and maintenance of the level of salaries for personnel remained unchanged in few agencies.


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