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News / trends / Publicity Creating specialists about trends of 2018 on the Ukrainian PR market
6 February 2018

Budgets for PR promotion will gradually increase


Over the past four years, Ukraine's economy is in a difficult situation, which certainly affects the market of marketing communications in general, and PR services in particular. At the same time, the PR market continues to develop in these conditions, overcoming difficulties and adapting to changing conditions. Below are the main tendencies of the PR market from the company of strategic communications Publicity Creating, which this year marks 20 years of successful work on the Ukrainian market.

- One of the most popular services in 2017 was PR-coverage of activities and events - this trend will continue in 2018. Moreover, clients now look at PR coverage of events much wider than before. First, there is an understanding of the fact that it is most effective to inform the audience before, during and after the event. Secondly, with the help of PR specialists, clients use a wider range of channels and forms of information. As a result, every event has a certain information "loop" not only in traditional media, but also in the Internet, social networks, and photos and videos become its standard component.

- PR-promotion has become a priority for the Start-Up projects. Moreover, PR is used at the first place, because this tool is much cheaper and much more effective for such projects than, for example, advertising.

- The role of consulting will increase, it became the  universal tool, which is in demand by companies of any scale and scope of activity. At the same time, there will be an understanding of the exceptional utility of consulting on the price / utility ratio, as well as the variety of its forms - hourly expert and project consulting, express audit, strategic sessions, training, etc.)

- In B2B markets PR will interact closely with sales as much as possible, being an essential component of marketing programs for partners, which, in turn, are the key sales channel (sometimes the only one).

- Companies will pay more attention to quality content, as well as the moderation of sites in social networks. Increased understanding of the importance of working with feedback from users, including  negative feedback.

- There will be a return of interest to "contact" forms of promotion, with  the personal contact between people (exhibitions, presentations, seminars, conferences, etc.).

- Anti-crisis programs as a separate direction will not be relevant, because companies working in the conditions of permanent crisis have already formed a certain "immunity" to the situation.

- The information model is one of the weakest points, even for large companies. Unfortunately, in 2018 this trend will continue. However, managers and marketers of companies always have the opportunity to become a happy exception, turning to professionals for the development of this important strategic document.

- The outflow of professional staff will continue. In addition to the traditional transition of some specialists to other areas of activity and business directs , which has always been the case, a tendency is strengthened by a small number of activities implemented by customers - agencies are very difficult to survive, and professionals quickly "lose form". At the same time, many young professionals, and especially students, prefer go to study and work abroad. In this situation, each specialist with many years of practical experience will be highly valued in the labor market.

-In general, the Ukrainian PR market will retain its identity, and PR-promotion will occupy an important place in the marketing strategies of companies and brands. Budgets for PR promotion will gradually increase, as well as the volume of outsourcing of PR services. With the improvement of the economic situation in the country, the role of PR as an effective technology to build a positive reputation and loyalty of various groups of the public will grow.

January 30, 2018

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