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15 December 2022

In the center of attention is ethics

It's no secret that even in pre-war times, creative advertising sometimes did not take into account PR issues, and in a more general sense, ethical principles.In other words, if slogan or script of the commercial was creative from an advertising point of view, experts did not always consider it necessary to consider the PR effect of such communication.Therefore, many questions arose regarding ethical component of various advertising campaigns, and even corporate programs.Today, the need to monitor creative advertising for compliance with ethical standards is even more urgent.Even such usual promotions, such as "Black Friday", in conditions of blackouts and lack of electricity, can be perceived negatively by population.And even certainly useful initiative to create "Points of Invincibility" is subject to criticism because of its overly pathetic name.The most vivid and massive reaction to the inconsistency of content in social networks are numerous critical comments on carefree pictures from abroad, or beautiful, appetizing dishes that someone posted on the Memorial Day of the victims of the Holodomor.Therefore, before broadcasting messages, it is worth evaluating their ethical side, taking into account our present.This can be done with the help of a new product from Publicity Creating - "Ethical PR Expertise"


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