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12 January 2008

The Publicity Creating Company is founded in January 1998.

The Publicity Creating Company is founded in January 1998. Its specialization is marketing communications and PR. Its clients are large Ukrainian producers, representatives of foreign companies, specialized companies, including B2B markets (more than 200 clients in 20 markets). The team of specialists consists of 30 employees (15 in Kyiv and 15 in regions of Ukraine).

The main services, provided by the Company are: communications programs for PR-promotion, development of PR-strategy, PR-audit and consulting.

Statistics for 10 years:
•    More than 200 clients in 15 business spheres
•    Released over 50 annual promotion programs
•    Conducted over 4200 hours of consulting
•    Terms of cooperation with one client - 2,3,5,7,10 years in a row

Partners of the Company are: Organizing Committee, exhibitions, publishing houses, NGOs and professional associations, research, legal, audit, consulting and training companies, colleges.

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