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17 April 2015

The platform “Ukrainian steppe bee” has been created.

As a part of the promotion of agricultural project “Apiary” “Honey beekeeper”, the platform “Ukrainian steppe bee” in social networks and Internet services in three languages was created by  Publicity Creating.  Digital-team of three experts of the Agency works on the project.

            Ukrainian steppe breed of bees (Apis mellifra acervorum Scor) formed in the forest-steppe and steppe zones of Ukraine.

            Ukrainian steppe breed productivity is in average of 30 - 40 kg. (and more than 120 kg. in the best years). This breed of bees is highly effective in use of strong sustainable honey collection with linden, buckwheat and other honey plants. There were cases, when Ukrainian bees in a strong sustainable honey collection collected up to 100 kg of honey per family on average in the apiary.

            Proboscis workers individuals range from 6.3 to 6.7 mm, the mass of a one-day working bees is 105 mg, the mass of barren uterus is 180 mg, fetal uterine weight - 200 mg. Fertility of ewes is 1100-1500 eggs per day during the period of intensive development of families of bees. Signet of honey is predominantly white. Resistance to diseases is high on winter hardiness, endurance, resistance to honeydew toxemia, nosema and the European foulbrood.


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