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20 March 2012

In March 2012 Publicity Creating, the company of strategic communications, has presented a new project — «PR-cabinet».

In March 2012 Publicity Creating, the company of strategic communications, has presented a new project — «PR-cabinet». Within the framework of this project the consulting activity of the company aimed to solve client problems shell be carried out.

At the moment PR-cabinet is functioning in offline format (personal client consultations on a wide range of PR questions), but an online version of PR-cabinet is planned to be run as well.
Anyone who needs a professional advice in PR sphere (either a representative of a company or a private person) may consult in PR-cabinet where he will get professional help from the specialists that have more than 15 years of experience in PR.

«Speaking about the PR-cabinet, it’s essential to make comparison with medical sphere: in both PR and medical spheres there things that are not to be said opened, but still can’t be solved without special diagnostics and professional help. That’s why we have created PR-cabinet — an analogue of medical laboratory, where the client can absolutely confidentially present his problem and get a highly qualified consultation on the ways of its solution» - pointed out the CEO of Publicity Creating Valery Kureiko.

The needs of clients that get help in PR-cabinet differ a lot. The most common problems are the following: crisis situations, new brand promotion, new product or business start-up. Besides that there may be a whole number of other important reasons to use the services of Publicity Creating PR-cabinet, for instance: the need in PR of the company’s first person, personal PR for a businessman or a specialist that is a private person, a necessity to change company’s image, get an independent assessment of the media monitoring data or an audit of the PR-activity, etc.

A visit to the PR-cabinet may become a prologue to the following successful activity in PR sphere of the company. After PR diagnostics the client may use the services of either corporative or retail departments of Publicity Creating. The main point is that the client gets a professional «recipe» of the work organization in the spheres of PR and marketing communications.

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