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3 August 2011

On August the 3rd 2011 the expert Internet Conference held at the website www.publicity.kiev.ua. Its theme was "Apocalypse or EURO-Level: what to do in PR in 2012?" During the online conference the CEO of strategic communications company «Publicity Creating» Valery Kureiko answered on questions of Internet users.

On August the 3rd 2011 the expert Internet Conference held at the website www.publicity.kiev.ua. Its theme was "Apocalypse or EURO-Level: what to do in PR in 2012?" During the online conference the CEO of strategic communications company «Publicity Creating» Valery Kureiko answered on questions of Internet users.

 35 is the total number of questions that were received on the topic of the conference from Internet users from Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. The web-page of the conference was attended by over 700 readers of Publicity.kiev.ua. More than 200 users of Facebook also actively joined the event, and more than 2,500 Twitter users followed the online reportage. Thus, the audience of the event was over 3400 users.

Highlighters of Internet Conference became speaker answers to the most interesting questions in video format.

 Among the issues can be identified both general and highly specialized. The vast majority of questions to the expert were directly concerned with theme of PR for commercial companies, problems of Ukrainian PR market, features and prospects for its functioning. The most significant questions during web conference and answers of Valeriy Kureiko are listed below.

 Can you name the PR-instruments, PR-services that will benefit from strong demand during this autumn business season, and - in the medium term - next year?

V. Kureiko: The first place will take the development of strategic documents, programs, concepts, information models, then PR of first person, speakers training, consulting of the first person of the company, increasing the competence of organization PR-departments (for instance by training).

The most actual activities are those that enhance the loyalty of key community groups (primarily customers, partners and employees): equipment and new products presentations, seminars, trainings. The interest to news events was restored (but in the new format), and of course, the penetration of the Internet and social networks.

Typical customers questions that come to PR-agencies are usually related to the development of chain messages, content supporting in social networks, for example: What we need to say and what to write? When to do it: today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? All these activities require the development of information model for writing texts, thought-out technical tasks for photo and video.

 What PR-strategies will be demanded in the B2B and B2C companies in 2012?

V. Kureiko: The main theme of promotion programs in the near year will be EURO 2012. Tasks of the agencies - to connect brands and programs of the clients to the championship. Perhaps some brave would try such "extreme" as "apocalypse" that supposedly is coming: "it’s time to try, enjoy, buy, be fully prepared to meet, etc". In general - every company must set its own goals also in the field of marketing and public relations. On the other hand, before 2012 many customers should come back to the PR-programs planning for a year or two. For implementing this tasks a care of specialized structures will be need. Thus, the share of outsourcing will rise on 10-15% (currently the share is 35-40%).

 What budgets would be handled by Ukrainian PR-agencies in the future?

V. Kureiko: In 2011 budgets of 300-500 thousand UAH are typical for Ukrainian companies. We hope that in 2012 the sum will increase it to two or three. The budget of a standard event could range from 50 to 300 thousand UAH.

 How do you think a size of the agency is important for the client? How many people work with a client?

V. Kureiko: The important thing for the client is a group which works just with him. I can say with example of Publicity Creating - for each client is created a customer-service team (3-5 professionals), for the work in social networks and Internet a virtual team also is made (2-4 people). At major events such as opening the plant can operate dozens of employees.

 Estimate the PR-market of Ukraine. Is it at all?

V. Kureiko: Market endured difficult "zero" years, and especially 2008-2010. But all this time, it was still developing, deep stagnation didn’t have place to be. Now there are 20-30 agencies in Ukraine, the total number of their clients - 200-250 (medium and large), with a budget of 30-150 thousand dollars. In general market has kept its structure. There are non-governmental organizations, events and competitions in any sector.

 Can you advise: when exactly Ukrainian companies should start its PR-activities for standing out against its competitors in the year of Euro 2012 in Ukraine? How was better to start such a PR campaign?

V. Kureiko: Right now. A month or two takes for the conception development or adjustment of existing and the work must begin, because in July 2012 evaluation should be done.

 What place will take Digital PR, Internet-PR in promoting national companies? Will this direction displace the offline format by the end of the year?

V. Kureiko: We hope that next year the ratio between involving off-line and online forms will be 50/50. The most important issue is to prepare qualified professionals. Experts with 2-3 years experience are needed, with implemented projects. A position of Internet PR-manager is still supposed as a great exotics. Between «Digital» and «PR» you can not equate. Digital is still mechanics and technique, but PR means content and meanings, it is always more globally.

 The full text of Interntet conference can be found at www.publicity.kiev.ua.

Video questions can be viewed by the links:1,2.


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